Up in smoke


I had to visit a few of my student nurses yesterday while they were on placement. They were working in a busy London hospital. As I walked along the main pathway I notice a huddle of patients discussing their ailments.

One of the elderly gentleman was puffing on his cigarettes telling his audience about his pending surgery for a stent to be put in his heart. I didn’t really take much notice until I saw another patient a little further down the pathway with dressings on her face and arms, an IV drip and wearing a hospital gown. Although it was tied at the back it did not cover much of her larger frame.

I felt compassion for these two people. How mad to be so desperate for a smoke than you go outside and stand on a public pathway in a hospital gown. Or to keep doing something that you know will cause harm. But then I think we all do that. Not enough exercise…. Too much chocolate or not enough time talking to God.

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